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About Monkey Trix

Opened in February 2007, Jungle Trix cc t/a MonkeyTrix is an owner-run company by a mom, where our focus is on safety, service, high quality products and reasonable pricing.

Our reliability and customer service have been proven over the recent years, and it is in our interest to provide a variety of quality products and a great service experience. With a full time staff complement of 9, we do not sub-contract our work.

Our services include installation, delivery and setup, maintenance and manufacturing.

Manufacturing & Installation Team:  At Staff Braai 2023


Left to Right Back Row:  Bob, Bongani, Shadrach, Richard, Senzeni, Thabiso

Left to Right Front Row:  Caster, Aby, Bethuel, Audrey, Sepalo, Collen

Sally Jessup 

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Why choose Monkeytrix?

  • We have installed over 1 000 jungle gyms in Gauteng since 2007.
  • Sally has been working with and selling jungle gyms since 2000, and is also a mom to a 10yr old, so understands what parents are looking for, and is happy to advise on any queries.
  • We manufacture and pre-drill all components in our yard prior to installation.
  • The installation is quick, clean and easy, garden is left clean and neat afterwards, rubbish taken away. (Installation is 4 – 6 hours)
  • We take safety seriously, whilst no safety standard set in SA yet, our specs measure up to EU safety specifications.
  • Full time staff complement of 13 – we do not sub-contract our work!
  • Our designs have been proven over time to be strong and durable and require little maintenance (i.e. annual treatment of timber)
  • We offer all peripheral services like installation, maintenance, dismantle and reinstallation, additions to jungle gym etc.
  • Solid design, 400kg weight strain, age appeal 2 yrs – 8/9 yrs – however structure will hold adult weight if playing with child.

We're serious about safety!

You cannot cover your child in bubble-wrap, but you can take care when selecting the safety features on toys your child plays with, or on. Your child's safety depends on a well-constructed and quality design Jungle Gym.

We have used the same design on our structures since 1989, "tweaking" it when a flaw has been found, and ultimately making it as safe as possible for our customers, your child and your nerves.

We comply with the SANS 2010 Safety Guidelines for Wooden jungle gyms, Codes 51176-1, -2, -3 and -7.

Below are the main built-in features:

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How does online ordering work?

We've made it as easy as possible for you to order your play equipment directly from our website. Simply add the items you require to your shopping cart and when done, hit the "place order" button.

You will be requested to complete a simple order form which when submitted, will notify us of your order and we will contact you to finalize payment, delivery and installation options etc.

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Maintaining your wooden jungle gym

Timber is a natural product, and prone to splitting and rotting with age. The sun heats and dries out the timber, and in the cold it contracts, whilst water and rain are absorbed and expand the fibres of the timber - this constant expansion and contraction - weathering - leads to premature splitting, rotting and sun bleach of the timber.

There is no effective way of stopping this weathering process altogether, however this damage can be limited through regular maintenance and care of your timber, much like polishing your wooden furniture or painting your window frames and garage doors.

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On-site installation service

Once you have selected your items and layout, we confirm a date with you for installation. An invoice and booking information are emailed through to you. The installation team arrives on this pre-booked date, and lay out the structure on the ground for your siting approval prior to installation.

They will also ensure safety precautions are attended to such as not too close to a boundary wall or swimming pool. Within 4 – 6 hours, installation is complete (dependant on size of structure)

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Maintaining your sandpits

Sandpits require regular maintenance.  Slugs, bugs and nunu's get in to the sand, and the sand can be easily treated.

We recommend the following:

- Domestic use:  Sprinkle the sand with coarse sea salt to keep bugs and slugs out, and white vinegar to keep cats and dogs away. Loosen or rake the sand regularly to ensure weeds cannot take hold (grass grows from the bottom, weeds grow from top down).

- Schools:  Sprinkle the sand with coarse sea salt or Sandpit Powder to keep bugs and slugs out, and kill off bacteria.  Have a sandpit cover fitted to keep leaves, neighbourhood cats and dogs out.  Rake or loosen the sand daily to keep sand clear of leaves. 

We stock Sandpit Powder in 5kg tubs - See Accessories page for pricing and ordering.  1kg of powder per cube of sand, as per instructions on tub.

Pepper, cinnamon or white vinegar also work in keeping cats and dogs out of the sandpits, with their sensitive noses!

Maintaining your metal equipment

Keep checking for rust and limit moving the jungle gym around your garden as this may chip the paint and open the metal to rust. These may require re-painting every 2nd year to keep the paint looking new. 

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Our Guarantee

All timber used is treated with CCA Tanalith to the SABS H4 below ground specification. Our Treaters are ISO9001 approved and guarantee the poles for 5 years against infestation of all wood destroying insects. The structure carries a twelve-month guarantee on workmanship.

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Terms & Conditions

No representations or warranties of any other nature other than such as are stipulated herein have been made by the Supplier, and the Supplier shall under no circumstances be liable for any alleged consequential damage suffered by the Customer.

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